5 NBA Players That Were Robbed Of An MVP

Some of the greatest players ever, miss out on winning even a single MVP award. This can be for many different reasons. There could just be a player that had an even better season. It could be because of team success – or lack there of. It could be voter fatigue that is to blame, or many other things.

But sometimes, players do deserve to win MVP but are just robbed. Let’s look at those guys.

5. LeBron James (2010-11)

This is a case of voter fatigue as LeBron had won it the previous two seasons. He was also the villain of the league after making “The Decision”. Couple that with the fact that Derrick Rose was the feel good story of the league and it’s easy to see why he won it instead.

Now, D-Rose had an awesome season, but LeBron was better. He averaged more points, rebounds and steals. He shot better from the floor and he had more win shares.

LeBron did seem a little bit annoyed that he didn’t win, when the two met in the Eastern Conference Finals, where LeBron proceeded to shut Derrick Rose down for games 2-5.

Just think, if LeBron had been MVP in 2011, he would have won the award 5 times in a row! Unfortunately, voter fatigue will always come into the equation.


4. Chris Paul (2007-08)

What Chris Paul did in just his third season was sensational. He carried the Honets to 56 wins and put up 21.1 points, 11.6 assists and 2.7 steals in the process. Kobe actually won MVP, but – sorry Kobe fans – CP3 was better in 2008. Kobe had a better team and only managed one more win than Paul’s Hornets. Paul was clearly moreĀ valuable. He also topped Bryant in win shares (17.8 to 13.8).


3. Kobe Bryant (2005-06)

There you go Kobe fans!

In 2006, Kobe had one of the greatest seasons ever. He averaged over 35 points a game while single-handedly carrying the Lakers to the playoffs. This was also the season where this happened…

Kobe was the definition of valuable this year.


2. Shaquille O’Neal (2004-05)

Apologies to Steve Nash once again, but Shaq deserved this one.

The big guy transformed the Miami Heat into one of the powerhouses of the NBA and almost brought them to the finals in his first year with the team.

He averaged 23 points, 10 rebounds and 2 blocks on 60% from the field while leading the Heat to a 59 win season.


1. Michael Jordan (1996-97)

Like LeBron in 2011, this was another case of voter fatigue. Karl Malone did have an excellent season, but MJ was still by far and away, the better player.

More points, steals, win shares and win shares per 48 minutes.

Michael did end up getting revenge in the Finals that year.


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