Avery Bradley Traded To The Pistons! Melo On The Move?

Celtics Trade Avery Bradley!

The Celtics are sending their best defender, Avery Bradley to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Marcus Morris.

This is a steal for the Pistons. There is now not much point in hanging onto KCP. They might make him an unrestricted free agent, but Bradley is -if anything – an upgrade anyway.

This move doesn’t make too much sense for the Celtics, who have just added another wing in Marcus Morris. Maybe another move is on the horizon, as there is now a log jam at the wing spot for the Cs. Hayward, Crowder, Brown, Taytum and now Morris. There is just not enough minutes for them all to be happy.

We’ll see what happens.


Melo To Houston?

This is in the early stages, but apparently the Knicks and Rockets have begun talks for a 3 team deal, sending Carmelo Anthony to Houston. This would bring them a step closer to the Warriors, but does it put them over the top?


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