The Curious Case Of Derrick Rose

This is one of the more tragic stories in NBA history. Not only that, but it also poses one of the biggest “what if” questions ever. What if Derrick Rose never got injured?

Before he tore his ACL in 2012, D-Rose was one of the best players in the league. He was fresh off of being named the youngest MVP in NBA history and had been an all star the previous 3 years. He also led Chicago to the best record in the league in back-to-back seasons.

Rose was considered the best young player, in a league with guys like Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Along with Westbrook, D-Rose was probably the most athletic point guard ever, while also possessing a drive and desire to win matched only by few others.

Now, however, Rose has been relegated to a shell of his former MVP self. After countless knee injuries, he just can’t do what he once did on the court. But that doesn’t mean that his career is over. At this point in time, Rose is on a trajectory to become the first MVP in league history to not be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Just 28 years old, he still has plenty of years left to turn his fortunes around and once again make an impact in the league.


Looking Ahead

Moving forward, Derrick Rose should accept that he is not going to be a starter on a championship team anymore. He still has a lot of skill and talent, but at this stage is probably best suited to coming off the bench in a 6th man role.

Still explosive when attacking the basket, Rose can provide a real offensive spark and really lead a second unit.

For the remainder of his career, it would be insanely beneficial for Derrick to model his game like Tony Parker. Parker has never been a high assist  point guard Рsimilar to Rose. His effectiveness lies in his craftiness and skill in the paint. Rose should focus on the same things. He still has the athleticism to get to the rim and finish, but like Parker, should master the floater and develop his mid range shot, thus not relying on 3s.

Becoming this multi-faceted offensive threat, that plays within the offence, instead of trying to carry it, could really allow Rose to age gracefully.

It’s no stretch to see him averaging around 15 points and 5 assists while scoring efficiently, in a 6th man-type role on a contender.


Which Team Should He Sign With

Derrick Rose has scheduled a second meeting with the Milwaukee Bucks. Signing with the Bucks would be Rose’s best chance of landing a starting gig, and probably the best chance of him putting up some numbers. However, he’s not going to win a title with the Bucks – at least in the near future.

If Rose’s goal is to win a title, his best option would be to sign with the San Antonio Spurs. He may even be the starter, but even if he’s not, he will still be playing on a contender, with an awesome supporting cast surrounding it’s star, Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs also have Gregg Popovich (the best coach in basketball) who is the guy who molded Tony Parker into the player he became. What better guy is there to do the same to Rose?

Two other good options for Rose would be the Cavs or the Rockets. These are far less likely, and he would probably have to take less money. But either of these teams would provide Rose with a chance at a championship. The one thing that could save his career, and one day land him in the Hall of Fame.

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